We are a global online presence strategy & multimedia agency enabling artists, musicians, authors and photographers to present themselves and their artistic output in a revelatory way that represents their longevity and vision (rather than their latest product), grow a connected and engaged fanbase and succeed in a profitable, authentic and enjoyable way.

Showcasing the unique brilliance of the artists -
   •  Collaborating & Communicating
   •  Entertaining & Enlightening
   •  Surprising & Revealing
   •  Authentic & Accountable
   •  Connecting & Motivating Fans
   •  Building Community
   •  Increasing Value

This Tumblr is a collection of posts from around the web that we use for reference, reflect our thinking, inspire us, inspire our clients, and crystallise our approach.

We are also inspired by:
Amanda Palmer
Bob Lefsetz
Boing Boing
Buddhist Thought
Christopher Locke
Clayton Christensen
Dark Roasted Blend
Doc Searls
Douglas Adams
Eric Ries
Futurismo Zugakousaku
Gaping Void
George Carlin
Howard Moskowitz
Hunter S. Thompson
Improv Everywhere
Information is Beautiful
Inside The Actors Studio
James Randi
Jenna Marbles
Jeremy Rifkin
Little People
Louis CK
Malcolm Gladwell
Mike Masnick / Techdirt
Mike Masnick / MIDEM '09
Neil Gaiman
Pete Cashmore
Richard Dawkins
Robert Scoble
Rock's Back Pages
Rolling Stone Archive
Secret Cinema
Seth Godin
Steve Jobs
Trent Reznor
Walter Murch
Yoko Ono


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